Opera Institute Of Business is known for its commitment to the objectives of integrity and excellence, it is one of the leading excellence oriented academic institute in Australia. With quality credentials and our trustworthy service which guides students to reach the best possible academic heights. It has made its mark in the education sector over the years for catering excellent quality education to students travelling aboard for further studies.

Established in 2018 Sydney, Australia, OIBT brings you highly qualified professionals with a wealth of experience from diverse educational and professional fields dedicated to providing education consultancy services to Nepali students in making educational avenues abroad accessible to them.

Our Executives are well-known professionals in higher education and VET education in Australia. OIBT Australia is also a part of its two other three organisation based in Sydney, Kathmandu Nepal.

OIBT Extensively manages three following companies based on overseas and in Australia which are committed to quality education to its learner and engaged client around the world.

OIBT also has been in VET consultancy fulltime since 2014 but our experts have experience from more than 10yr in VET education system. We have experienced incredible industry growth, constant regulatory shifts, dramatic government policy adjustments, incremental technology developments and seen the good and bad practice in VET across the country.  

How we communicate with clients

  • Meet face to face 
  • Email communication 
  • Talk by phone or by Skype conference  Shared documents using “cloud technology”